The Word on the street

WOTS LogoIn 2010 Moat Housing approched the successful 'Word on The Street' project at work on the Vineries estate in Gillingham with a proposal to develop a similar community support project in the Kings Farm area of Gravesend.  Over the next few months this new project developed into what is now recognised as an extensive new plant of Word on The Street impacting the community by working with the children and young people, alongside a number of vulnerable people.  Since the launch of the project in 2011 various other bodies have financially supported the work; including the Kent Community Foundation.

A normal week will see the 'Community Hub' at 7 Warrior Avenue hosting regular job clubs, police surgeries, numerous youth 'drop ins' and coffee mornings.  The vision of this project is to substaintially transform the community it serves and reflect God's love to the residents.  To contact the team or find out more about how to support and get involved with The Word on The Street contact Albert Frroku